What are we looking for ?

Energy, drive, and good looks.
This is a collab house so you have to bring it, you won't want to be the weak link, this is an opportunity to learn and improve and produce great content.  It is also a house with 24 live cameras allowing your fans to take a real-life peek into your life while you make content for them, it won't get much more real than this. Do you have the charisma, the way to draw people to you and get them interested in your life? good equipment?  We have it.

The vlogs allow you to talk to the camera uninterrupted to get out your feelings on a situation and your side of a story out. You also use them to express your feelings about the other cast members and situations you may be in the current moment.

Fan chat times run in the evening and are 5 days a week for 2 hours.  They allow you to interact with the fans, talk about what's going on with you and connect with the viewers. This is a very important interaction point. You can also bounce new ideas off them and get ideas back.

The cameras are always on. 
We will be following you in the good times and the bad. Documenting your life in and out of the house, as you reach your goals and dreams.

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