Cam 4 Casting Call

Live rent free, have access to a car, have parties, Be on Cam4 whenever you want and keep all your tips. don't worry about bills, still work online on cam4, flirt of whatever online site you want. super high-speed internet in the house and no judgement.

  • Do you appear to be 18-25?

  • use cam 4 whenever you want, no restrictions

  • Do you want to become famous

  • Do you love being in front of a camera?

  • Are you outgoing and personable?​

  • Do you want the attention of 1000's and 1000's of fans?

  • Do you want to boost your cam4 rankings

  • Are you willing to let the WORLD watch EVERYTHING?​

  • Do you LOVE to chat?

  • Are you ready to have fun



Live with 3 other gay roommates, plan parties, be wild, live life to the fullest while people watch.


The possibilities are endless......


Where would I be living if I were accepted?

Housed in a beautiful neighborhood in the growing area of Wesley Chapel, Tampa. The house sits close it 54 and I-275 just 30 mins drive from USF and 2 malls. We have card swipe access at the door and spacious bedrooms. A large 4K screen TV,  phone line with national and international calling available, 2 full bathrooms, workout area and a game room, computers and high speed internet access.  Minutes away from the Shops at Wiregrass and outlet malls (100+ retail stores)

We have a fenced in Back yard with a hot tub in it. A covered patio for smoking and relaxing and just watching the fun in the hot tub.


Yes we even have beer on Tap in the kitchen,

 A 300 MB internet connection for you to use!
 A Large 55 inch 4K TV with a 4K Roku box
 Large Hot tub (seats 6)
 And a House Car (Nissan Xterra)


Okay, so living here on the set can be fun but let's look at the NOT so fun parts to make sure you REALLY want to do this.  The cameras are ALWAYS ON, which means that when you pick your nose, scratch your ass or have a crying meltdown, they will get that as well, are you ready for exposing the not so glamorous parts of your life as well? But people like to see the real you

And don't think you will have maids to clean up after you? You will have to clean with everyone else and pick your stuff up and keep the areas clean, do dishes wash your own clothes etc. This is like college or a frat house but there are standards and we will expect you to live up to them and we won't be responsible for your clothes not being washed etc.



Cleaning and a house meeting is done weekly and every one pitches in to clean the house, we also have video blogs to keep up with and written diaries to do daily


Still up for it? Then hit apply and let's get started....