About the Gay Real World collab house

I have wanted to transition our reality site to bring it up to date with the modern trend of social media collab houses, Sadly they are all based in the LA area leaving nothing this side of the country for up and coming social media influencers, so I decided to build it and see if they will come.

Based in Tampa, Florida we give you the Gay real world collab house, 

We have created a large social media space in the house, brought in 4 changeable sets and professional computer-controlled lighting, a green screen, and professional 4K cameras as well as a top of the line Vmix live production editing system. Making content in this room has never been easier, no more setting up and breaking down of your gear, Its all ready to go with just a couple of taps on the tablet.


You will be living with 4 other gay roommates aged 18-35  in a house on the outskirts of Tampa FL. Apart from living your life on camera, you will be immersed in making your own content and building your brand, working together with others allows more creativity and sharing a common goal all while sharing your life and fun times with our viewers and the ability to interact with your fans.  You will also have a weekly house cleaning and cast meeting to air and sort out any issues that you may have and plan events and things in which to make content from.

You get to work on your social media like TikTok, Youtube, onlyfans, you can colab with the other boys in the house.


And walking distance from
"The Lagoon water park"